The mental health of the elderly is important. That everyone must understand.

The mental health of the elderly is important. That everyone must understand.

Increasing age Bring about the deterioration of the body and mind As well as changes in the social environment such as retirement. Make everyday life and relationships with people close and People who have worked together Different from what was and used to The thought of death that came closer These make maintaining the mental health of the elderly more important than physical health care.

Physical health care, such as nutrition Which is important in the daily life of the elderly Avoid foods that are high in fat. Eat protein like fish. Eat more fruits and vegetables Food should be fresh. Clean and without preservatives The elderly should exercise regularly. Because, as you know, exercise helps keep the muscles and joints from getting stuck, blood circulation and respiratory system work more easily. Exercising in the park also makes it possible to meet people. Chat Refreshing the mind Not obsessed with their own matters Elderly people with underlying disease Should see a doctor regularly. Follow your doctor's instructions and take your medication as directed by your doctor.

Do not let the elderly feel inferior.

In addition, I want to focus on the matter of care. "The mental health of the elderly" because Thai society today has changed from living together as a large family. Consisting of grandparents, parents and children became a single family There is only one parent and child. Causing the elderly to lack the love and care from their children A difficult time for some seniors is the period after retirement. Some people are not ready to retire because they think they can still work and do well as before. But the grandchildren are worried and do not want them to work again Want to rest because you've worked hard for a long time.

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