Atmosphere at Chanarak Nursing Home Full of big trees And perfect gardening Create a shady area of over 3 rai to be fresh air. Suitable for the elderly and patients who are in recovery. To be able to breathe fully Refreshing To the body and mind We use a wide and natural space. For various activities, including light walks in the morning or evening. With a gentle wind blowing for the elderly to experience every day Chanarak Nursing Home

บรรยากาศและสถานที่ ชนารักษ์ เนอร์สซิ่งโฮม ราชบุรี

Older people can go out for a walk and exercise in the lawn.

With lotus ponds and koi ponds A large size that comes to watch and delight the eyes and deliver happiness. That warms all the elderly to enjoyment and to have a cheerful mind

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