Stroke Rehabilitation Center


Elderly care services And rehabilitation care for stroke patients (STROKE), as well as in rehabilitation patients requiring feeding through a tube, pressure ulcers

Cerebrovascular Disease

Brain ischemia due to narrowing of the arteries Clogged blood vessels Or ruptured blood vessels, resulting in brain tissue damage Interruption of brain function is a serious and potentially life-threatening condition, or if not life-threatening, it can lead to paralysis.


Stroke Rehabilitation Center


The irregularities of the blood vessels in the brain may result in two types of paralysis

  • Constricted blood vessels in the brain

    Constricted blood vessels in the brain

    Found in almost 80% of the cases, the reason behind this may be from Atheroma. Atheroma makes the blood vessel narrower and as a result, the transport of blood becomes less efficient, and flexible.

  • Hemorrhagic Stroke

    Hemorrhagic Stroke

    Found in almost 20% of the cases, the reasons behind a hemorrhagic stroke are; the fragility of the blood vessel and high blood pressure. The high blood pressure causes the fragile areas of the blood vessel to expand and consequently, burst. This is extremely dangerous because the amount of blood that gets transported to the brain decreases dramatically and causes the brain to start bleeding. As a result, the patient will pass away in a very short amount of time.


In order to set the high standard of its treatment and service, Chanaruk Nursing Home has cooperated with ISHII Rehabilitation Center, a leading rehabilitation center from Japan. ISHII Rehabilitation Center has its expertise in rehabilitating and rejuvenating patients, especially cerebrovascular disease patients. Japan is a leading country in the world that has been developing skills and expertise in treatment and taking care of aging population.  Chanaruk Nursing Home believes that with expertise and technical skills of our team as well as our service mind as if we were in the same family, the patients (especially cerebrovascular disease) can be recovered and return to their normal conditions as soon as possible.




Rehabilitation Medicine Center

Occupational Therapy Clinic Focus on training the small muscles. And physical therapy clinic Focus on exercising your large muscles to build strength in that particular body part.

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